Saturday, May 18, 2013


Considering that I have no idea where Faye (aka aphiba) or Sophie (aka Sophswall) went, I figured the blog needed a bit of a makeover. Enjoy!

Hopefully I can stick a post or two up every now and then.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Like Dress ups???

Hello readers! I have to say that I have a recommendation for you. Do you like dress-ups at stardoll?
Well you may like some of these more (I do).

This is a fairly new website and they develop most of their dress-ups. I like them a lot because you have more customization in what you create. It's AZALEAS Dolls. Link here: Azalea's Dress up Dolls - Magical Dress up Games. If you enjoy these games and are looking for more recommendations for girl's games online, please don't hesitate to ask. Here are some of the dressups I created. (the website has more dressups other than ones they have created. The ones they created are the 'exclusive' ones)

 Like? I can show you more girl's game I like if you want. PS. some of the dressups also include quizzes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Balinese Dancer Fashion

Hey girlies c:

Here's some photos that I took of some dancers while I was in Bali. Hope you enjoy c:

Sophie xx

Coughing Fits and Fashion

Hey girlies c:

I was halfway through a movie when suddenly it changed languages and I realised "Oh my, I must post a video to my looovely blog!" So here I am. You're probably thinking "Oh dear Sophie, its 3 PM already! You only remember NOOOOOW????" Well... I did only wake up at 1 PM so it isn't my fault :'(

Right, so pretty much I visited a Indonesian chat room and tried ('tried') to ask them some (1) questions about fashion, which resulted in me playing a game... interesting....

Hope ya enjoyed it :)

Sophie xx

Superstar Of The Day: Anggun

Hey girlies c:

Today I bring you the Superstar of the Day! Oooooooooh you say? Mmhmm yes... Oooooooh indeed!

Today's Superstar is, of course, Indonesian :) Her name is Anggun. Well, thats not her full name but its her mononym :p

Sophie xx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Formal Attire For A Night Out In Kuta

Hey girlies c:

Sorry I haven't posted for two days, I have just so happened to have caught yet ANOTHER cold, go me -_-

SO in my absence from school (for the 10th time this year, because of a cold) I am probably going to post quite a few posts a day (although it is pretty hard to post about Balinese fashion, but it has its ups)

Okay, lets get down to business!  This dress is simple yet stylish, perfect for a night out with the girls :)

Mint Green Shell Gown- 16 SD
Nude Ballet Flats- 69 SC

I hope you enjoyed this outfit :) Tune in tomorrow for more posts (There will be more than one if I am still sick)

Sophie xx