Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Difficulties of Becoming a Superstar

Hello there amigas! I am Flowerpin or you could just call me Cayla. :) Today I attempted to become a superstar here on Stardoll for the first time. Let me tell you it isn't easy as swiping a credit card. As most of you may know there are many ways to buy your superstar membership. I refuse have a credit card number and constantly have a membership and waste 60 dollars each few months. All I ask for is a prepaid card.

I walk into Target where they are 'supposedly' sold. I look by the 'prepaid' game cards and I cannot find them. I double-take and I still cannot find them. I close my eyes and ball my fists believing I just miss looked. I scan each price tag, just to check if they were sold out. "NO!!" I scream in my head and storm away. The only thing I find Stardoll related are the Barbies by Stardoll which are $20 for a week membership. I am not a child. I walk away frustrated and angry.

Has this ever happened to you? It has to me. Plenty of times I have had to walk away from a card because I didn't have my wallet or because they just weren't sold there. The Stardoll store locator may point you there, but they just aren't there. Even the employees have looked at me crazy for not having them. Who cares? I do. It's too tempting not to have that dress in Stardoll. I know Stardoll wants to make money, but this way-just doesn't work. This has made things difficult. Wednesday I have high hopes to look in Toys R' Us for one.

Why I won't do it online? Stardoll will keep taking my money for each new 'subscription'. I don't need to keep paying when I am on hiatus during the summer or when I cannot play. My parents wouldn't allow it.

Please, share some of your 'Daddy, I want to be a superstar for $___!' moments. :D

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